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Morrisby Careers

Morrisby Careers launched in Australia in April 2021 


  • A standalone career research system for age 11+ 

  • Based on the career interest component of the well regarded Morrisby Profile  

  • Self report questionnaires on: 

    • Career Interests, Work Values, Study Interests

  • Competitively priced based on an annual site licence

  • No training required (but support is provided)

  • Add Tracker for a whole school careers education system

Morrisby Career Assessment Tool

Career Assessment Tools​ 
Career Education Managment

Insights For Students

'Morrisby offer 3 products in Australia. Morrisby Careers (where you are now), the significantly more comprehensive Morrisby Profile and a system called Tracker than can be twinned with either Morrisby Careers or Morrisby Profile. To find out more about either Morrisby Profile or Tracker visit the website

An overview of Morrisby Careers

A system demo focused on the student view of Morrisby Careers

Explore Our Extensive Careers Library

View rich information on careers, subject choices, apprenticeships and higher education study, with routes and pathways to entry and suggestions on subject choice.

Morrisby Career Library_sports.jpg
Morriby Career Library.png
Morrisby Career Library.png
Morrisby Career_self discovery.png

Kick-Start A Journey Of Self-Discovery

Simple yet powerful assessments match students’ individual interests and preferences to specific careers and courses, analysing results against more than 650 careers.

Support Students At Key Decision Points

Support students to make informed choices at key academic decision points such as Senior Secondary options in Year 10 and work or study options post school

Morriby Career Tool
Morrisby Career Dashboard

Prioritize Support With Agile Data

Easily view key information through powerful dashboards and databases, separating students by cohorts, vulnerable groups, subject preferences and more

Rich Features For Careers Leaders

  • Custom groups to track vulnerable students

  • Interview tools to record key events such as options

  • Data dashboards and bulk reports

  • Lesson plans and video tutorials

Morrisby Career for teachers and career departments.png

Everything You Need To Succeed

Morrisby Career Student Self-discovery.png

For Students

  • Immediate results

  • Personalized suggestions

  • Comprehensive careers information

  • Flexible action planning

Morrisby Profile.jpg

For Teachers

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Download/view students reports

  • Extensive management console

  • Lesson plans 

Morrisby Careers for Schools.png

For Schools

  • Raise student self awareness

  • Track progress

  • View data

  • Facilitate choices 

College Classroom

Pricing & Training 

PRICING - Available via an annual, cohort-based licence. All students may access MC , not just those in the nominated cohort.


The annual charges for schools/colleges are:

  • < 350 students in a cohort: $165+ (Nominated cohort size x $5.50)

  • 350+ students in a cohort: $2,500

TAFEs/Universities: please contact us to discuss a fair price based on    expected usage.

TRAINING - There is no formal training required to access Morrisby Careers.


A range of support materials are available including: Pre-assessment video (Aimed at students) Post-assessment video – unpacking your results (Aimed at students) Morrisby Manager navigation videos.


Phone/Zoom support and induction discussions get you up to speed quickly.


Product Sheet

Morrisby Careers is an effective way of identifying students career interests in order to facilitate focused career research. 

Ideal for individual and classroom delivery and packaged with Lesson Plans to help kickstart career research at your school/college


For students : comes with immediate results on completion of a short interests-based questionnaire, aspirational career and subject suggestions matched to the individual, and much more


For teachers and advisers : comes with a management system to track student progress, extensive reporting and analysis tools, custom groups to make it easy to track vulnerable students, specific sets such as “Medicine” or “VET”, note taking and meeting notes held with student results, and much more.

For schools : Cost effective annual licence, action planning tools, reporting and analysis, subject selection support 

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