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frequently asked questions

  • Why a 'per student' fee when this is a site licence?
    We initially looked carefully at bandings for pricing and also a single price for any school. We found that this approach disadvantaged smaller schools and those towards the lower end of the banding sizes. While a banding of 100-200 may be cheaper for the 200 school, It doubles the price for the 100 school. ​ When considering the ever-present budget constraints and the desire to ensure all students are able to access quality resources to support their career journey, the conclusion we came to was for us to spend a little more time with invoicing to generate equity in pricing. Universities/TAFEs and Senior Colleges are a little different to P-12 schools so speak to us about pricing.
  • What is the training requirement to administer Morrisby Careers in my school?
    You can start using Morrisby Careers now without training. A variety of videos plus Q&A Webinars are available. We will continue to offer easily accessible ways for you to build your knowledge to help you make best use of the system.
  • What is the difference between Morrisby Careers and Morrisby Profile?
    Morrisby Careers is questionnaire only and based on self-report or self-assessment of interests. This is ideal for career education and career research. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Morrisby Profile is an industry-leading diagnostic career instrument. It includes multiple questionnaires and most importantly objective measures of potential (timed assessments of aptitudes). Charged per student (@ $50). 100 minutes to complete. There is a requirement for training for staff to ensure competent use.
  • Is there an upgrade path between Morrisby Careers and Morrisby Profile?
    Yes. This is a simple process but there are training requirements that need to be met before Individuals or schools/colleges are able to administer the Morrisby Profile. Certification training takes about 5 hours in total, online. More information here:
  • How up-to-date is your careers database?
    In short - very. Information (descriptions, career routes, information and resource links) have been regularly checked and updated about every 3 years, since 2004. 600+ hours of editing and checking took place in the year to October 2019 and 600+ hours in the year to October 2020, on the Australian database. New careers are added in conjunction with the UK on an ongoing basis.
  • When was the Aspirations Questionnaire developed?
    The Aspirations questionnaire was first published in July 2014 and is a revision of an earlier questionnaire. The model is essentially from the work of Ann Roe (1950's American psychologist) but like most modern questionnaires has evolved based on incorporating influences from multiple career researchers. There are two versions of Aspirations; one designed for students from Year 9 through to adults, and another simpler and shorter version is provided to students in Years 7 and 8. The questionnaire is partially adaptive, meaning that most students take a unique pathway through the question set, with the question routing taking into account their previous answers. This allows for greater depth and more individually explicit results.
  • Who are The Morrisby Organisation and Career Analysts?
    The Morrisby Organisation is based in England but has an Australian heritage. The founder John Morrisby developed the model of Differential Ability with the armed forces in WA in the late 1950’s. This model remains the backbone of the Morrisby Profile system. ​ Career Analysts has been the Australian NZ distributor for Morrisby Products since 2003. They are responsible for Localisation, support, training and sales. ​ There is a team of 4 working part-time plus Barry Darnell, Director.
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